ESINU, 2023
ESINU, 2023

PPR pipe, Rubber Inner Tubes, License plates and Rivets

160 x 152 cm

Esinu — Waiting upon the Lord (Him)

Being partly Ewe and Ga (both Ghanaian tribes), I am inspired by the naming traditions behind these tribes. In Africa, most children are named based on situations surrounding their birth. I decided to apply this technique to the naming of my works, naming them based on circumstances surrounding their creation: be it a moment of joy, gratitude or deep contemplation. I began using Yoruba names in my works as the Ga tribe have Yoruba roots in Nigeria and also because Yoruba names are similar to Ewe names. I began exploring the use of Igbo names after, as they bore similarities to Yorubo and Ewe names in terms of depth and meaning.

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