Untitled II

92 x 92 cm
Original Tape print/collography
Signed and numbered by the artist. Edition 1/1.

Price incl. black wooden frame


Cecilie Enevold Nielsen is a Copenhagen-based Danish artist who works with original prints and small editions. In her studio in Nørrebro, she works with an unconventional choice of material; tape. Combined with the printing technique she creates a characteristic expression where both duct tape, masking tape and blank tape on a plate is run through a traditional printing press. It creates different shades, overlaps and shapes, and the way the ink is wiped off the plates gives the prints elements of monotype. In her work she’s experimenting with the synthetic in the use of tape and the analogue expression in the way she prints here work. The themes in Cecilie’s works are absence and darkness, articulated in houses, landscapes and empty spaces.

Besides visual art Cecilie Enevold Nielsen has a background as a musician in the project My Evil Twin. She made two albums and artwork for both releases.


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