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UHHI Projects consists of the artists Lise Uhrskov and Mazja Hillestrøm.

UHHI is a team of two artists, who started out by arranging art events. The collaboration has now developed into a production of unique serigraph printing.

The works focus in the result when to artists put together their very different worlds. A fusion of two worlds in order to test, expand and challenge the artistic expression.

The works show a clash between visual images contrasting each other. 

Mazja Hilletrøms photographic landscapes against the abstract and colourful universe od Lise Uhrskov. Nature versus architecture. This compound expression is a result of their collaboration.

Mazja Hillestrøm has a BFA in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Malmö (2013). She has exhibited at Remap4 in Athens, the Easter Exhibition in Aarhus and at Galleri Poulsen. 

Lise Uhrskov graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2002. She has exhibited at several censured exhibitions, latest at the spring exhibition at Charlottenborg in 2014. She also exhibited in Venice in 2015 in connection with the Imago Mundi project established by Benetton Foundation. 150 other artists from Denmark participated.