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Søren Hagen
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Søren Hagen
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Søren Hagen
Regular price 9.500,00
Søren Hagen
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Søren Hagen

Born in 1957 in Denmark; lives and works in Copenhagen
He works with drawing.

"The greatest quality in Søren Hagen's works is his ability to create an atmosphere, and to describe what it is to be human. (...) As in Twin Peaks, secrets appear in Hagen's works with a disquieting degree of intensity."

"Time and time again, he dives into an image universe that we instinctively decode and accept as being real. The paintings are based on an in-depth work with photography. The individual work is made up of fragments from a series of photos that are combined into a collage through a digital sampling process. It is this collage that is meticulously transferred to the canvas. (...) Søren Hagen works on a deeper level. He himself sees himself as a kind of mental chronicler who, through a pictorial language close to the manifestations of reality, conveys his impressions of society. Søren Hagen's painting must be understood as a metaphorical transformation and manipulation of the physical, concrete reality. Gone is the copy of the concrete place in favor of a mental landscape, an artistic construction."