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Sjulle Schulstad

Born in Denmark; lives and works in Copenhagen
She works with painting and sculpture.

"There are large, abstract faces in a colorful universe that wind their way in and out of each other and thus flow together into a whole of changeability. They change form and expression depending on who is looking at them. (...) Her interest lies in the fundamental metamorphosis (change, transformation, transformation and reshaping) of the human mind, being, soul, psyche and physical body throughout life."

“It is a process of transformation that we all go through and in certain periods of one's life, transformation is more external than internal - and vice versa. Everything is in eternal process, which is deeply rooted in the works. There are several layers and colors, and you will be lured into the work that way. It's not that straightforward. It's The operation of changing,” says Sjulle.

"My sometimes wild, erotic, humorous, surprising and extraordinary art creates an interesting mood and indignation. I am very fascinated by the alternative world, deep intensity, rawness and vulnerability that lie in the intimacy of being human in a carnal body on this cold earth, both alone and with other people. Diversity of materials and subjects with a psychedelic mix, I also create art on ceramics, paintings and drawings / illustrations. (...) Raw realism considered by a constant stream of subconscious and a symbolism draws the viewer deep into my universe, staring eyes, soft shapes, skulls, animal organs and creatures. The viewer chooses where he / she is to travel, quickly or slowly to discover an almost fluid world where the work and the viewer's imagination merge."