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Knud Odde
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Knud Odde
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Knud Odde (DK)

Knud Odde has a discernible mode of expression often showing figures in a pure pictorial space painted with a thick characteristic outline. Odde uses it to delimit the strong contrasts brought to play by his characteristic colours. His outline is sensual and quivering and with stringency it is used to keep a limbo in-between differences going - for example between seduction and repulsion.

Odde canonises a worldview with portraits of artists and extracts of either poetry or philosophy occasionally recomposed from different times and places. Portrayed are especially icons from the film, literature and music world, leading our attention towards the visuality of other aesthetic disciplines. But Odde gives us another impression of these persons. He positions them in erotic, spiritual and melancholic universes, where the gaze of the figures are attached directly on the beholder, thus one stands face to face with them in a moment of unrest and intimacy. A moment so intense that unresolved conflicts and repressed feelings breaks through the surface. They are revealed in a facial expression keeping juxtapositions at bay, along with dynamic compositions. Here is room for the dark side of the psyche as well as love, eroticism and redemption.

Knud Odde is a self-taught visual artist working with ceramics, graphics and illustrations in addition to painting. Alongside being committed to visual art, he has been a bass player and songwriter in the band Sort Sol 1977-2001. He has kept in his interest for the lyric. The interest in literature was as well the starting point for his career, namely as a librarian at the Danish Research Libraries in 1978.                                                       

Knud Odde (b. 1955) debuted in 1983 with his first exhibition. Over the years Knud Odde has received the Oluf Hartmans Grant, the Henry Heerup Grant and the Danish Arts Foundation 3 year work grant i.e.. Solo exhibitions: Erich von Stroheim Esbjerg Art Museum and HEART - Herning Museum of Contemporary Art. 2000: Da kødet blev kunst (w. Michael Kvium and Peter Carlsen) Holstebro Art Museum. 2002: Kastrupgaardsamlingen and Randers Museum of Art. 2013: Vejle Art Museum. 2015 Trapholt. Group exhibitions: 1990-91: Rockens Billeder Brandts Klædefabrik and Museum of Fine Art (Goteborgs Konstmuseum), Gothenburg. 1994: Made In Denmark The Royal Collection of Graphic Art, the National Gallery of Denmark. 2000: Paintings – Works on Paper, DCA Gallery, New York. 2013: Fra et andet sted, Skive Museum of Art. 2014 This is our art, David Risley Gallery, Kbh. Collections: ARoS, Design Museum Denmark, HEART - Herning Museum of Contemporary Art., Kunsten - Aalborg, The Royal Collection of Graphic Art, the National Gallery of Denmark and Moderna Museet, Stockholm i.e. Knud Odde also works with Clausens Kunsthandel, Copenhagen.