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Julien Deiss
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Julien Deiss
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Julien Deiss
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Julien Deiss

Julien's œuvre is abstraction and figuration at the same time. He is best known for his delicately coloured works with incorporated figurative motifs, for example Thorvaldsen's sculptures and other classical statues and elements. The fine, often antique sculptures that he incorporates into his works are almost always missing something, for example a body part, or are joined with something that does not fit. There is a small dysfunction in the whole that undermines the pure aesthetic and makes the work vibrate with a duality, a balance between beauty and destruction, edification and aggression. 


1983  Born  in  Düsseldorf  

2004  Study  of  Art-History  and  French  in  Aachen  

2006  Study  of  Fine  Art  at  Kunstakademie  Düsseldorf 

2007  Class  Lüpertz  

2008  Class  Braun  

2009  Scholarship:  Deutsch-Französischen  Jugendwerkes  

2009/10  Semester  abroad  at  école  supérieure  d’arts  de  Brest  

2011  Class  Anzinger  

2020  Studies  of  MFA  in  Fine  Art    ,  Lund  University,  Malmö,  Sweden

SOLO  EXHIBITIONS  –  a  selection

2021  –  ”Julien  Deiss  solo”  at  Gallery  Wolfsen,  Danmark

2020  –  “Julien  Deiss solo” at  Gallery  Wolfsen,  Denmark

2020  –  “assume  the  position  “von  Fraunberg  Art  Gallery  ,  Düsseldorf,  Germany

2019  –  “emergence: temporary  results in the  process of becoming...”, von  Fraunberg  Art  Gallery,  Germany

2018  –  “Into  Paintings” , Galerie  Wolfsen,  Aahlborg,  Dänemark

2016  –  Yes!  I  might  come….,  probably,….not”  bb-Contemporary,  Berlin,Germany

2015  –  “Mein Herz wie  ein Boxsack, es ist besser  so” bb-Contemporary,  Berlin, Germany

2014  –  “coupe  automatique” Galeri  Oxholm, Kobenhavn, Dänemark

2013  –  “to  defy” Hurtig/Kany  Gallery,  Kobenhavn  Dänemark

2012  –  “Madamme  Basse”  FFFZ  Kulturforum,  Düsseldorf

2012  –  “Alles, was sie  tun, ist ein Ballon” Galerie  Schloss Neersen, Willich, Germany

2011  –  “In Between Days” von fraunberg  art gallery, Düsseldorf,  Germany


GROUP  EXHIBITIONS  -  a  selection

2020  – “December” , Gallery  >Wolfsen, Denmark

2020  –  Art  herning,  Gallerie  Wolfsen,  Dänemark

2019  –  “December”, Gallerie  Wolfsen, Dänemark

2019  –  NORTH  Art  Fair,  Gallerie  Wolfsen,  Dänemark

2019  –  Art  Herning  Gallerie  Wolfsen,  Dänemark

2018  –  Art  Herning,  Galerie  Hjorth,Dänemark

2018  –  “CRISP” Helium  Cowboy  Artspace, Hamburg,Germany

2017  –  "North"  Kunstmesse  Aalborg  with  Galerie  Hjorth,  Dänemark

2017  –  Art  Herning  with  Galerie  Hjorth,  Dänemark

2016  –  Art  Copenhagen  with  Galerie  Hjorth,  Dänemark

2016  –  “ArtCoppenhagen” with Galerie  Hjorth, Dänemark  

2016  –  “Art Bodensee”  Kunstmesse  Dornbirn  with  bb-Contemporary,  Austria

2016  –  “North” Kunstmesse  Aalborg  with Galerie  Hjorth, Dänemark