Everything sings 1
Everything sings 1

60 x 50 cm
Original lino cut, 2017
Signed & numbered by the artist. Edition 10


Marina Pagh was born in Svendborg and graduated from Design School Kolding in 1987. Furthermore, she graduated from Haystack Mountain School of Arts, Maine, USA, 1986, Grafisk Skole, Aarhus 1988-90, Aarhus School of Architecture 1991-92 and has taken classes in lithography (2003) and silk screen printing (2004) at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Marina Pagh´s work builds on a basic idea of poetic simplicity, silence and natural abstraction. Her pieces originate from her curiosity and experiments with shapes and materials. Starting with a particular shape or material she lets the work develop, take a turn and develop into other materials or “variants”. She focuses on simple and organic interactions and works from the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional or vice versa. She lets an image in graphics become an image in ceramic.

At ShopEditions we present Marina Paghs series ‘Everything sings’, which consist of 16 graphics pieces.


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