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Malene Landgreen
Malene Landgreen
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Malene Landgreen
Prix régulier 4.000,00

Malene Landgreen

Malene Landgreen. Born in 1962.

Lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin.

Kim Lykke Jørgensen about my work (only in english)
Malene Landgreen’s work is shaped by concrete painting, and over time, the extended painting has become a recurring theme in her work.
With her distinctive color palette, Landgreen has moved far beyond the traditional frame of painting: Colors, shapes, line and patterns are put together in carefully tuned compositions of color relationships, which typically have the geometry as their starting point, but also instantaneous gestures of lyrical, organic and material expressions often occur in her painting,  as an integrated part of Landgreens vocabulary.

With simple tools and powerful colors, she has for many years created both small and monumental InSitu projects in both private and public space.
Landgreen is known for, in a playfull and curious way, to investigate the boundaries between art, architecture, and design. Over the years, she has created significant transformations of architectural spaces, museums, hospitals, airports, and waste processing plants to create an intimate viewing experience.
Landgreen’s manipulation  of  existing  architecture,  through  large scale  installations,  invites to  physical  engagement  with  painting  allowing  her space designs to  be  understood  as  forms  of  painting  that  engaged  with  everyday  activities in everyday architectural conditions.
In her in situ work Landgreen have shown us a reoccurring ability of painting to transform, transfer and transcend its physicality while still retaining an intellectual rigor ‘as painting’.