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Eva Carstensen
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Eva Carstensen

"Terms and structures for people and nature occupy me. My motif world examines contexts and lack of contexts - memory and loss of memory, sensing and symbol.

With my woodcuts, I am busy putting the old printing technique into play with the industriality of our time. I work with modules - wooden boards - that are turned and pressed together. An image is assembled by parallel prints, with one or more plates turned and rotated. Wallpaper construction, with its repetition of one or more clichés, mathematical pattern, models and structures from nature and culture, are sources of inspiration. Where the woodcut represents the craft - the hand and the language of experience - modular construction forms parallels to the present, as it is expressed in eg: mass-produced good, LEGO strategies, new construction and urban space.

My expression puts a spotlight on the culture and psychology of chance."

Eva Carstensen graduated from Royal Danish Academy of Art in the field of Painting and Graphic. She also holds a degree in History of Art from University of Copenhagen.

She has exhibited both group and solo around Denmark and Sweden. Her works are also available in the public space as decoration projects. She received scholarships and grants such as: Scholarship, Anne Marie Telmanvi born Carl-Nielsen Foundation to support female visual artists over 40 years; Exhibition grant, Roskilde County Visual Arts Council or travel grants to Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey.