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Ida Kvetny

3-In-A-Row (I, II, III)

3 motives, each 35 x 27 cm
Original Giclee print, Lessebo 225 gr, primer and serigraphic UV lacquer
Signed and numbered by the artist. Edition 50.

Please note: You get ALL 3 pieces and come together in a folder.

Ida Kvetny (b. 1980) is known for her unique and original fantasy universe with a powerful colour palette. In the past five years the talented young artist been experimenting with different constellations within sculpting, painting, animation and drawing, this to investigate the painting as a media, it´s possibilities and limitations. He motives are ab explosion of shapes, overlapping fields, psychedelic patterns, strong colours, animals and faces. The pieces invite to a journey through visual labyrinths similar to the Internet, presenting numerous uncontrolled image impressions. While the myth of Jason passed on and written down, Kvetny asks whether only coincidence determines what stories are told today in our information society.

Ida Kvetny lives and works in Copenhagen. In 2007 she graduated with a MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. Her work was e.g. shown at the exhibition ‘Comix!’. (2007) at Brandts in Odense and at the large collector´s exhibition ‘Mad Love’ at Arken Museum of Modern Art. Furthermore, her artwork has been exhibited at Holstebro Kunstmuseum, Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Museum of Modern Art, Seoul National University and a number of galleries. In the spring of 2012 she was admitted to Kraks Blå Bog, and i in the near future her work can be found at Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles and at Munch Gallery in New York. 

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