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Jonas Pihl
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Jonas Pihl

We are very proud to present NEW MYTHOLOGIES which is the second solo exhibition of the Danish visual artist Jonas Pihl. Known for his imaginative paintings he turns the gallery into a portal to another universe and its worlds. 

The use of Venetian linen in all the new paintings creates a subtle background for everything that is going on in each painting. The dripping acrylic allows space for randomness when it is the gravity that decides the destination of the drop. The repetition of that action creates a pattern that becomes a decorative element of the painting and that is only the beginning. They are met by geometrical shapes of circles, triangles and squares which give a sense of something tangible by the mind, something we know, something we can hold onto. Then the colour palette adds the wildness portion - in Pihl’s universe all the hues can exist together and form exciting compositions.

Jonas Pihl was born in 1978. He lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has received BFA and MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art under Professor Jesper Christiansen. Together with his MFA Pihl also has a Diploma from Sisifos Centre for Psychotherapy. The artist has exhibited widely in Denmark, Europe and USA. His works are represented in private and public collections such as: Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg, Københavns Kommunes Kulturudvalg and Copenhagen Airport.