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Eva Louise Buus
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Eva Louise Buus
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Eva Louise Buus
Regular price 42.000,00

Eva Louise Buus

The blue/green colour present on the works of Eva Louise Buus is a result of natural oxidation of metal. It is called verdigris. The artist has been working with metals since 2013 but before that she painted with acrylics on canvas. 

Her first experiment with metal oxidation involved saltwater, morning urine and laying the work outside in the rain for 2 months. But since it turned out to be too slow of a process, she began experimenting with metal oxidation book from 1956 with a help from a chemistry-loving friend. 

Not only an artist, she is now a chemist who works with 6 types of metal and 20 acids. Eva Louise Buus enjoys the process as it is long yet very unpredictable. Verdigris is very difficult to produce as the true colour may develop even after a few years. 

As part of the process she mounts the metal plates around wooden board and covers it with adhesive plastic film. Then she cuts the layer where she wishes for oxidation to take place, therefore creating patterns. 

She is intrigued by the fact that she can 'paint' without actually adding any colour. The works will change overtime due to the natural oxidation process.