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Alec DeMarco

Alec DeMarco, born in 1989, is an artist from the Southern part of California. The artworks are a mix of figurative elements and expressive colours and shapes. He was raised in a small farm town in the Pacific North West region of the United States. During his early adult years he was accepted into a formal apprenticeship with a Japanese Irezumi Tattoo Master where he spent 3 years training and studying under his master 7 days a week up to 18 hours per day.

He had no exposure to art where he grew up except the graffiti he saw in public spaces which later became a source of inspiration for his oeuvre. DeMarco's work balances between representation and abstraction, he prefers to work at a fast pace, which could be compared to automatism. Oil, enamel, spray paint, and acrylic house paint are combined with traditional tools as well as an array of found objects such as gardening tools, bricks, sticks or whatever he can find on his property in Southern California.

Since the transition to fine art Alec DeMarco's art has exhibited in USA, Mexico, UK, Denmark, Japan, and Qatar. DeMarco's clients have included: McLaren, Volvo, LA Deviants Media, and El Silencio Mezcal as well as in the private collection of Klay Thompson, Ivan Dudynsky, Richard Tait, Stefano Rosso, Erin Hawk, Adam Pratt and many more.